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Cutco Cutlery - It's a Scam, but the Knives Are Fantastic

Cutco Cutlery is a Scam, but the Knives Are Fantastic

My first introduction to Cutco Cutlery was when I was 18. After graduating high school, I received a letter saying I could earn $18 per hour. I should have been suspicious that the letter did not tell me who I would be working for (other than Vector Marketing) or what I would be selling. I was young though, and got sucked in by the money promises.

After investing around $200 in a sales kit, which is required to sell Cutco, I was ready to begin. Where are you supposed to start? Well with your parents of course. Of course they will buy! After that, you go to your nearest relatives and family friends. This is (supposedly) so you can practice your sales with people you are comfortable with. While that is true, it also gives great insight into Vector/Cutco's business model.

My parents, relatives, and family friends did buy Cutco. They did not buy because they were wowed with the products. They bought because I was selling to them, and they were supportive. This is what Cutco preys on. Bring in young kids. Use these kids to make sales to the kids' family and contacts. Vector essentially plays the pity card or the manipulative card.

Once you have sold to all of your family and friends, what do you do then? Vector does not give you leads. As if the $100+ dollars each family member has spent on knives is not enough, Vector then has you pull your leads from them. You ask each person for 10 leads under the guise of a scholarship, which only loosely exists. The scholarship happens to be in the form of free knives, which I guess you might use to rob a bank to earn money for school. (that's a joke)

That being said, the knives are phenomenal. I feel bad for tricking my family members into purchasing a product they did not want or need (although I am afraid I convinced many of them that they did want and need them). However, most of them are pleased with their purchases, which definitely comforts me.

Has somebody called you asking to show the cutlery to you? Do they get paid just to show you the knives, even if you choose not to buy them? Sounds innocent and harmless, but be prepared to be manipulated into buying. The seller does not get paid just to show you the knives. There is no $18 per hour. You get paid a minimum of $18 per appointment. However, it is extremely embarrassing to request the minimum, because that would indicate that your commissions are low. I never took the $18 minimum.

Thinking about taking a job with Cutco? Don't get me wrong, you can make a lot of money if you are good at it and have a good base of relatives and friends, but be prepared to be a little manipulative.

Again, the knives are good, but the prices are extremely high. If a friend or relative asks you to just look at the knives, you will most likely be buying them, and at a high price. Prices are much more reasonable if you buy them used on ebay, which is what I would recommend you do. Unless you are just supporting your young relative, which is exactly what Cutco prays on.

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